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    Book of Mormon anachronisms: Jeremiah being put into prison


It is claimed that Nephi's mention of Jeremiah being put into prison (1 Nephi 7:14) is anachronistic, since Jeremiah would not have been in prison when Lehi left Jerusalem.


Jeremiah was imprisoned on more than one occasion; the Biblical account and the Book of Mormon account are not in contradiction.

Detailed Analysis

Jeremiah was put into prison at least twice during Zedekiah's reign: once soon after Zedekiah ascended the throne (see Jeremiah 37:1,15.)

Jeremiah was released at some point, and again able to preach. He was later put into prison again. (See Jeremiah 38:1-6,13,28.)

The book of Jeremiah is not in strict chronological order; care must be taken with each event to be certain that we understand the proper timing for a given account.

Further reading and additional sources responding to these claims

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