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    Was the Book of Mormon influenced by the language and themes of "The Late War" by Gilbert Hunt?


Did Joseph Smith rely on the 1819 book "The Late War" by Gilbert Hunt while dictating the Book of Mormon?

The Interpreter Foundation responds to these questions

Benjamin L. McGuire,"The Late War Against the Book of Mormon", Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, 7:323-355 (November 1, 2013)

Recently, the Exmormon Foundation held their annual conference in Salt Lake City. A presentation by Chris and Duane Johnson proposed a new statistical model for discussing authorship of the Book of Mormon. The study attempts to connect the Book of Mormon to a text published in 1816: The Late War Between the United States and Great Britain. The latter is a history of the war of 1812 deliberately written in a scriptural style. A traditional (non-statistical) comparison between this text and the Book of Mormon was apparently introduced by Rick Grunder in his 2008 bibliography Mormon Parallels. I will discuss only the statistical model presented by the Johnsons here.
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The Interpreter Foundation responds to these questions

G. Bruce Schaalje,"A Bayesian Cease-Fire in the Late War on the Book of Mormon", Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, Blog (November 6, 2013)

Useful steps when thinking about any difficult or disconcerting issue are to state the components of the issue as clearly as possible, and combine them in a way that is logically and mathematically justified.
Such an issue is the recent claim that an 1816 scriptural-style history of the War of 1812 entitled The Late War between the United States and Great Britain (LW) had an influence on the Book of Mormon.
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