Mormonism and doctrine/Repudiated concepts

Latter-day Saint repudiated concepts

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Repudiated concepts

Some teachings previously considered doctrinal have since been repudiated by the Church.

Why were some early teachings or doctrines later repudiated by the Church?

Summary: Why would a current prophet invalidate the teachings of a previous prophet?

Repudiated concepts: Blood atonement

Summary: It is claimed that during the administration of Brigham Young apostates were secretly put to death. They claim this is in line with the teachings of LDS leaders at the time that apostasy was the unforgivable sin, and that the only thing an apostate could do to redeem himself was to give his own life, willingly or unwillingly.

Repudiated concepts: Priesthood ban on people of African descent

Summary: There exist previously taught ideas which have been repudiated by Church leaders since the ban. Among these are the notion that Blacks were somehow not as "valiant" in the pre-existence, and that interracial marriage is forbidden.

Repudiated concepts: Adam-God theory

Summary: Brigham Young taught that Adam, the first man, was God the Father. Since this teaching runs counter to the story told in Genesis and commonly accepted by Christians, critics accuse Brigham of being a false prophet. Also, because modern Latter-day Saints do not believe Brigham's "Adam-God" teachings, critics accuse Mormons of either changing their teachings or rejecting teachings of prophets they find uncomfortable or unsupportable.

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