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Response to Visions of Glory

A FairMormon Analysis of: Visions of GLory
A work by author: John Pontius

Visions of Glory by John Pontius

This work, which purports to give an account of near death experiences (NDE) and visions of the last days contains some true principles, but violates Church doctrine in both content and approach. It also contains some ideas that contradict LDS doctrine on key points.

Reviews of this work


Gregory L. Smith,"Spencer’s Visions of Glory," FairMormon, 2013.

[1] Visions of Glory’s portrayal of Jesus Christ and His method of interacting with the Saints is not consistent with scripture. [2] Visions of Glory teaches doctrines that contradict LDS scripture and prophets. [3] Prophets and apostles have repeatedly taught that it is inappropriate for members to publicize such material without permission from the President of the Church. [4] Spencer claims he will receive authority independent of the Church and its leaders. [5] Anonymous accounts cannot be verified.

Readers of Visions of Glory may wish to compare LDS teachings and doctrines that differ from the book’s teachings.
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