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    A FairMormon Analysis of the critical website

If you, as a missionary, are asked a tough question, it’s your duty to answer them. It’s the only way you can ever expect someone to trust you. To be able to answer truthfully, you need to know the truth. That’s why we created
—FutureMissionary's advice to prospective missionaries, "What if You Were an Investigator"


The website is designed to shake the faith of prospective missionaries by blindsiding them with troubling issues related to Church history. The site's anonymous authors claim to be returned missionaries, and write as though they are "believing" members who naively accept controversial statements and ideas without question. The most prominent and detailed page on the website is "A Letter to a CES Director: Why I Lost My Testimony." The authors claim that such blatant materials will help to prepare missionaries for questions and challenges they will face. In reality, the letter and other material on the site only introduce attacks on the church without discussing crucial context and explanations that would help readers fully understand the material. The approach and tone of the FutureMissionary site resembles that of before MormonThink became openly antagonistic toward the Church in late 2012.

The specific content of the website is addressed in the articles listed below

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  • Letter to a CES Director
    Brief Summary: ( The FutureMissionary website posts a letter which is popular among ex-Mormons called "A Letter to a CES Director: Why I Lost My Testimony" The letter lists all of the popular criticisms of the Church. It is what is referred to in ex-Mormon circles as an "exit story." The FutureMissionary site authors claim that this letter will help prepare missionaries for questions and challenges, but because the authors offer no answer or fuller explanation whatsoever for the letter's arguments, posting the letter seems intended to shake readers' faith. (Click here for full article)
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