Mormon ordinances/Marriage

Mormonism and marriage

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Jews and early Christians on marriage after death

Summary: The Jews seem to have believed in eternal marriage from at least second-temple times, since they posed the question about the woman with seven successive husbands, asking which of them would be her husband "in the resurrection" (Matt. 22:28; Mark 12:23; Luke 20:33).

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Marriage as therapy?

Summary: It is claimed that Church leaders have advocated that those with same-sex attraction marry those of the opposite sex as part of the "therapy" for overcoming their same-sex desires or inclinations. The prophets and general authorities have, in their written statements, long been clear that marriage is not to be seen as a "treatment" for same-sex attraction.

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Were the early apostles married

Summary: In the early Church, it was known that the Apostles were married. Early Church leaders also spoke out against those who preached against marriage.

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Marriage and women

Summary: Some critics charge that the LDS Church devalues those who are not married, degrades women, or encourages improper behavior by spouses. Some former members claim that they mistreated or neglected their families to better fulfill "Church duties."

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Temple marriage

Is marriage essential to achieve exaltation?

Summary: Some criticize the Latter-day Saint view of marriage as essential on the following grounds: 1)If marriage is essential to achieve exaltation, why did Paul say that it is good for a man not to marry? (1 Corinthians 7:1), 2)Why does the Mormon Church teach that we can be married in heaven when Jesus said in Matthew 22:30 that there is no marriage in the resurrection? 3) Since not all members of the Church are married, doesn't this mean there will be many otherwise good Mormons who will not be exalted?

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LDS leaders on "neither marry nor are given in marriage"

Summary: Did LDS leaders see Matthew 22:28-30 ("neither marry nor are given in marriage") as threatening the LDS doctrine of eternal marriage? Did they think it needed to be 'corrected'?

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Paul: it is good "not to marry"?

Summary: Why did Paul say that is was good not to marry (1 Corinthians 7)?

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