Mormonism and gender issues/Women

Mormonism and women's issues

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The role of women in Mormonism

Mormonism, women and the priesthood

Summary: Why do women not exercise priesthood authority in the Church?

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Mormon cultural issues related to women

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Political and social issues related to Mormon women

Mormonism and victims of sexual abuse

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Equal rights

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Doctrinal questions related to women in the Church

Women as "sons of perdition"?

Summary: Are there women who would be among those cast into outer darkness? Are there female 'Sons of Perdition'?

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Neylan McBaine, "To Do the Business of the Church: A Cooperative Paradigm for Examining Gendered Participation Within Church Organizational Structure"

Neylan McBaine,  Proceedings of the 2012 FAIR Conference, (August 2012)
I will be talking today about how women fit into the functional structure of LDS church governance; but, unlike many of the others speaking today, I do not have advanced degrees in my subject nor consider myself an academic. My credentials as someone qualified to talk about this subject come from: first, a lifetime of personal experience as a woman in the Church and now the mother of three daughters; second, my role as founder, in 2010, of a non-profit organization, The Mormon Women Project, which publishes stories of faithful Latter-day Saint women from around the world; and third, a twelve-year career in marketing and brand strategy including my current role as associate creative director Church-owned Bonneville Communications, the agency partnered with the Church on and the “I’m A Mormon” campaign.

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