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A FAIR Analysis of Critical Works

Is a particular book "anti-Mormon"? FAIR analyzes and responds to critical works that attack the Church. Our current featured analysis is:

  • An Insider's View of Mormon Origins by Grant Palmer. The book, written by a former CES instructor, attempts to explain many otherwise clearly described events of the restoration by reinterpreting them as spiritual rather than physical events. The book has become very popular among critics of the Church, since it concludes that Joseph Smith deliberately enhanced and added fabricated detail to his later accounts of events such as the First Vision, the Priesthood restoration, the Three and Eight Witnesses and the visit of the angel Moroni. Although the stated purpose of the book is to "increase faith," it is clearly intended to demonstrate the Joseph Smith employed dishonesty in order to secure his position as head of the church. See our detailed claim-by-claim examination of this book to find out more.