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Baptisms for the dead

Is baptism for the dead an authentic Christian practice?

Summary: Is there any evidence baptism for the dead is an authentic ancient Christian practice?

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Refusing baptisms for the dead

Summary: I don't want proxy baptisms or other LDS temple work performed for my deceased family. What can I do to "undo" such baptisms and temple work?

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Temple work for Holocaust victims

Summary: In 1995, after it was learned that a substantial number of Holocaust victims were listed in the Church's temple records as having been baptized, an agreement was signed between the Church and leading Jewish authorities which officially ended baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims posthumously.

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Book of Mormon textual changes: "or out of the waters of baptism"

Summary: The phrase "or out of the waters of baptism" was added to the 1840 edition of the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith. It is thought that this simply recommends a prophetic commentary on Joseph Smith's part describing the proper interpretation of the phrase "waters of Judah." It is not regarded as an error, or likely part of the original Book of Mormon plates' text.

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Baptism is essential for salvation

Summary: Critics argue that the LDS insistence on baptism as an essential ordinance of salvation is "unChristian" or "unbiblical."

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