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    Analysis of websites critical of Mormonism

This page is a summary or index. More detailed information on this topic is available on the sub-pages below.


These articles respond to websites that initially presented themselves as being run by active or believing Church members. The authors of these sites wrote as if they were simply believing members who were interested in researching the "truth" about Mormonism. Over time, it has become apparent that these sites are run by ex-Mormons who are hostile to the Church. (Click here for full article)

    Brief Summary: The website is designed to shake the faith of prospective missionaries by blindsiding them with troubling issues related to Church history. The site's anonymous authors claim to be returned missionaries. At the time that the site first went "live," the authors initially wrote as though they were "believing" members who naively accepted controversial statements and ideas without question. Eventually, over time, they finally admitted in their "Who are We?" section of the website that they are ex-Mormons. The most prominent and detailed page on the website is "A Letter to a CES Director: Why I Lost My Testimony." The authors claim that such blatant materials will help to prepare missionaries for questions and challenges they will face. In reality, the letter and other material on the site only introduce attacks on the church without discussing crucial context and explanations that would help readers fully understand the material. The approach and tone of the FutureMissionary site resembles that of before MormonThink became openly antagonistic toward the Church in late 2012. (Click here for full article)
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    Brief Summary: The web site claims to be operated by active members of the Church with an interest in objectively presenting the "truth" about Mormonism. In reality, only the webmaster retains his membership in order to retain credibility in his efforts to subtly influence other members to investigate his claims. The remaining website contributors are either ex-Mormons or secretly non-believing members who frequently post on anti-Mormon message boards. The founding webmaster was, by his own admission, pretending to be semi-active in order to destroy members' and missionaries' testimonies from within the social structure of the Church. The site pretends to be "balanced" by presenting information and links to apologetic sites, however, the conclusions reached by the site consistently reflect negatively on the Church's truth claims. The site also sometimes contains a large amount of Temple content. (Click here for full article)
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These articles review documents critical of the Church that are created by disaffect Church members or ex-Mormons. (Click here for full article)

  • Letter to a CES Director: Why I Lost My Testimony
    Brief Summary: ( This 77-page letter is currently popular among ex-Mormons as a way to rapidly introduce friends and family members to a large number of potentially troubling issues. The letter lists all of the popular criticisms of the Church. It is what is referred to in ex-Mormon circles as an "exit story." The author of the letter concludes, "There are just way too many problems. We’re not just talking about one issue here. We’re talking about dozens of serious issues that undermine the very foundation of the LDS Church and its truth claims." FairMormon responds to the questions raised in this letter. (Click here for full article)
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  • Richard Packham's media questions for Mitt Romney
    Brief Summary: Richard Packham believes that the media is not asking the proper questions about a U.S. Presidential Candidate. He has produced a list of questions he believes ought to be asked. Each contains subtle or not-so-subtle distortions about LDS belief or practice. (Click here for full article)
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  • Mormons for Marriage [renamed Mormons for Equality]
    Brief Summary: Mormons for Marriage opposes the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage. The website frequently features attacks on leaders and members of the Church, and misrepresentation of Church doctrine. (Click here for full article)
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  • Mormon Stories, Open Stories Foundation
    Brief Summary: Mormon Stories and related entities is directed by John Dehlin, a former member of the Church who rejects the Church's truth claims and is critical of LDS doctrines and leaders. (Click here for full article)
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  • "Questions and Answers" (MormonStories)
    Brief Summary: The referenced document had a brief lifetime on the Mormon Stories Podcast site ( of roughly two days starting 25 June 2014 before it was revised substantially on 27 June 2014. The following was only a portion of the larger document which listed specific issues with the Church. We provide responses only to the portion listing issues related to Church history or doctrine. (Click here for full article)
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These articles review online documents from non-Mormon sources. (Click here for full article)

  • Mormonism and Wikipedia
    Brief Summary: FairMormon regularly receives queries about specific LDS-themed Wikipedia articles with requests that we somehow "fix" them. Although some individual members of FairMormon may choose to edit Wikipedia articles, FairMormon as an organization does not. Controversial Wikipedia articles require constant maintenance and a significant amount of time. We prefer instead to respond to claims in FairMormon Answers rather than fight the ongoing battle that LDS Wikipedia articles sometimes invite. From FAIR’s perspective, assertions made in LDS-themed Wikipedia articles are therefore treated just like any other critical (or, if one prefers, "anti-Mormon") work. As those articles are revised and updated, we will periodically update our reviews to match. (Click here for full article)
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These are ministries that are targeted primarily at opposing Mormonism. (Click here for full article)

  • Contender Ministries
    Brief Summary: In the fashion typical of countercult ministries, FairMormon is accused of deception. Contender Ministries' website notes that FAIR "is waging a somewhat successful campaign of disinformation. Many Mormons, on the verge of admitting that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, are thrown into confusion by the FairMormon apologists. However, [Contender Ministries has] found the articles on FAIR's website to be quite deceptive inasmuch as they quote Scripture, LDS leaders, and Christian apologists out of context, and hide as much information as they provide." (Click here for full article)
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  • Institute for Religious Research
    Brief Summary: According to the IRR website, "The LDS Church teaches a number of things that conflict with the Bible and are radically different from the beliefs of Christians down through the centuries. If Mormonism denies the core teachings of biblical Christianity, should it still be considered an authentic expression of true Christianity?" (Click here for full article)
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  • Macgregor Ministries
    Brief Summary: The website claims that all articles on Mormonism contained therein are "all written from a Christian perspective and explain the differences between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity." (Click here for full article)
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  • Tower to Truth Ministries
    Brief Summary: From the article "Mormonism Uncovered," we learn that "the LDS Church has stealthily campaigned to portray itself as just another Christian church preaching the same gospel and principles as do contemporary evangelical denominations." (Click here for full article)
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  • Watchman Fellowship
    Brief Summary: According to their website, "Watchman Fellowship is an independent, nondenominational Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age." (Click here for full article)
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  • The Interactive Bible
    Brief Summary: The Interactive Bible website states that they are "the same as the church of the Bible." (Click here for full article)
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  • Utah Lighthouse Ministry
    Brief Summary: According to their website, "The purpose of [Utah Lighthouse Ministry] is to document problems with the claims of Mormonism and compare LDS doctrines with Christianity." (Click here for full article)
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    • Contradictions in LDS Scripture
      Brief Summary: Many conservative Protestant critics have reproduced a table which purports to show how LDS scripture contradicts itself. FairMormon examines the supposed contradictions, presents the scriptures cited in context, and demonstrates that claims of contradiction rest on: 1) a misinterpretation of LDS scripture and 2)comparing two verses which are speaking about different things reading Protestant meanings into scriptural terminology (Click here for full article)
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    • Sandra Tanner: Bible and Book of Mormon Contradictions
      Brief Summary: Sandra Tanner provides a feeble and long-answered short list of supposed "contradictions" between the Bible and the Book of Mormon (Click here for full article)
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